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Speeding Offence You went over the limit ! SolutionTicket.com will take care of your ticket and will help you keep your driver's licence and save your demerit points.

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Cell phone while driving You got a 4 demerit point ticket because you were on the phone while driving ? SolutionTicket.com will deal with every aspect of the contestation and will help you save your licence and demerit points.

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Restricted Licence You drivers licence have been revoked but you have to drive for your work ? SolutionTicket.com can help you get a restricted driver licence.

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Revocation of Judgement You've been found guilty by default of an offence without being able to do a proper contestation? You have many options: Revocation of Judgment, Stay of Execution and Withdray Plea. SolutionTicket.com will do all is needed for you to get your driver licecnce back..

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Release from Seizure To get your seized car, you need to do a Release from Seizure. But watch out ! you won't get a second chance! SolutionTicket.com's expertise is what you need to properly go through the Release from Seizure process.

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Cell Phone While Driving - Demerit Points Raised From 3 to 4

BLEU The Government of Quebec have raised the amount of demerit points from 3 to 4 for the usage of a cell phone while driving, since Spring 2015.  Doing so, drivers with an apprentice or temporary drivers licence will loose their licence upon a first offence related to cell phone usage while driving. This loss will raise the cost on the renewal of their licence and on their insurance premium.

Remember that only holding a cell phone in your hand while driving is a valid cause for the emission of a ticket. Only tickets emitted after the new rule is active will give four demerit points..

If you get a ticket for using a cell phone while driving, contact-us promptly. We can help you out.

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Mesure depuis le 4 mai 2013.


Épreuves de coordination de mouvement

Cette nouvelle mesure prévoit la suspension immédiate du permis de conduire pour une durée de 24 heures pour toute personne qui échoue aux épreuves de coordination de mouvements exigées par un policier pour évaluer sa capacité de conduire. Il existe trois épreuves de coordination de mouvements : mouvement des yeux, marcher et se retourner, et se tenir sur un pied.

Cette nouvelle sanction permet de retirer immédiatement de la route un conducteur qui n'est pas en état de conduire de manière sécuritaire. Si l'alcool est en cause, le permis pourra être suspendu pour 90 jours et la personne pourrait être poursuivie en vertu du Code criminel.


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Depuis le 25 avril 2013.


Course de rue et surf de véhicule

Depuis le 25 avril 2013, toute personne déclarée coupable d'une infraction de course de rue ou de surf de véhicule (car surfing) verra douze points d'inaptitude être inscrits à son dossier de conduite. Ces points d'inaptitude s'ajoutent aux autres mesures déjà en vigueur pour les courses de rue et le surf de véhicule, soit l'amende de 1 000 $, la suspension immédiate du permis de conduire pour 7 jours et la saisie sur-le-champ du véhicule pour 7 jours (en cas de récidive, la suspension et la saisie sont de 30 jours).

Confiez vos contraventions à SolutionTicket
et augmentez vos chances de réussite pour contester votre ticket, et sauvez votre permis.

Plus de détails sur le car surfing.

"Move Over Law"

This measure is in force since August 5, 2012. In case of a violation, a $200 to $300 fine and a penalty of 4 demerit points shall be given.

If you get a ticket, it is important to call us and we will help you evaluate your chance for fighting this sanction

Please look at this video to learn the new protective manoeuvres to do when an emergency vehicule is parked with their flashing and rotating lights activated.

"Alcohol" measures since June 30th 2012.


Bus, minibus and taxis: Zero alcohol

Since June 30th 2012, any person driving or in control of a minibus, a bus or a taxi cannot have any trace of alcohol in its blood.

Other heavy vehicules: 0,05

It is also illegal to drive a heavy vehicule with an alcohol rate equal or over 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood (0,05).

Have confidence in SolutionTicket
to increase your chance of fighting your tickets, save your licence and keep your work.

Details on these new measures (in french only)

Zero alcohol for Drivers Age 21 or Younger


As of April 15, 2012, the zero alcohol rule also applies to driver's licence holders age 21 or younger, regardless of licence class. Even where the blood-alcohol level does not exceed the legal limit of 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, their licence will immediately be suspended for a period of 90 days and you'll get 4 demerit points.

To learn more about the penalties. If you are 21 or younger and have been arrested because of this new law, call us so our team help you build your best strategy for your case.

Be vigilant !

We represent truck owners and tuckers in all penal aspects.

contravention-camionneurEither you own a transport company or you are a self-employed truck owner...

Trust Solutionticket to fight your tickets
and increase your chances while contesting your tickets, save your licence and keep on working.

1 877 990-7884 to discover our special rates.

Details for tickets to truckers

Expert Lawyers To Fight Your Ticket

Llawyers fight your tickets, so you avoid losing your probatory or regular driver's licence and save your demerit points. And this in every courthouse and municipal courts in province of Quebec !

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banniere-fortin-200x125-enCount on the lawyers and experts from Fortin & associes avocats inc. law firm that daily represent cases similar to yours.

Seconded by our team of researchers and specialists, they can quickly help you out in your traffic ticket contestation.

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