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Truckers And Commercial Vehicle Operator Tickets


We are helping out truckers and commercial operators with their tickets (CVOR)

contravention-camionneurWe do represent truckers in many penal law instances, among them:

  • Log book Offenses;
  • Offenses relating to the Highway Safety Code (specific to truck drivers and those applicable to all classes of licenses);
    • Security belt
    • Stop Sign
    • Red Lights
    • Double Lines
    • Tail lights (red or yellow)
    • Hit and Run
    • Dangerous driving
    • School Bus
    • Move over
    • Cellphone
    • Speed
    • etc.
  • Offences relating to specific regulations for truckers :
    • Law on owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles;
      • Overcharged without special permit
      • Heavy Vehicle with minor defect
      • Heavy Vehicle with no cargo securement system
      • Putting back in circulation a sanctionned vehicle
      • Mechanical inspection not done
      • Non activated Speed limiter
      • Exceeding pollution standards
      • Missing Identification Number
      • Driving while sanctionned
      • Operator letting a sanctionned driver drive
      • Driving on unauthorized lanes
      • Intersection obstruction
    • Regulations on Standards of load and size limits for road vehicles and combinations of road vehicles:
      • Exceeding load weight
      • Oversized load
      • Non solid load
      • Prohibited zone
      • Dangerous material
  • Offences in relation to mandatory audits to be carried out on trucks:
    • Mechanical inspection report
    • Tail lights problem
    • Licence lights problem
    • Missing Identification number
    • Missing mudguard
    • Prohibited tire type

Commission des transports du Québec for driver of heavy vehicles

Hearing before the Commission des transports du Québec

If you are summoned by the Commission des transports du Québec for verification of your behavior as an owner or operator of heavy vehicles or as a driver of heavy vehicles, we can help you.

Our lawyers specialized in the field will be able to offer you the necessary preparation for the hearing before the Commission des transports du Québec. Also, they will assist you to make representations to the commissioner in charge of the study of your file. This assistance from our lawyers will maximize your chances of maintaining a “satisfactory” level of security and maintaining your privilege to drive heavy vehicles.

We know that these hearings are important because they allow you to practice your profession. Do not wait until it’s too late, contact us.


If you are a trucker or commercial vehicle owner:


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