Driver's license Type And Classes

In Quebec, there is many types of driver’s license :

Learner’s License • Probationary License • Restricted License • Driver’s License categorised by classes

Emitter : Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec ( SAAQ )

To drive a vehicle you need to have one of these licenses


To gain skills to drive a car, motorcycle or heavy load vehicle. When he drives, a Learner’s License possessor must be with a person who has had a valid Driver’s License for at least 2 years.


First license given to 25-year-old and less after they succeed to pass SAAQ practical exam. After a period of 24 months or when the person turns 25 year-old, he can apply to have a regular driver’s license.


Given to 25 year-old and up after a succeeded practical exam. It is plastified and has photo of the driver.


There is two types of license:

  • A restricted license given out by Quebec Court of Law Judge to a driver whose license has been cancelled or suspended.
  • A restricted license given out to drivers found guilty of impaired driving.

In both cases, we can help you to get one.

  • Heavy Vehicle Combination (class 1)
  • Bus (class 2)
  • Straight Truck (class 3)
  • Emergency Vehicle (class 4A)
  • Small Bus or Minibus (class 4B)
  • Taxicab (class 4C)
  • Passenger Vehicle (class 5)
  • All Motorcycles (class 6A)
  • Cylinder Size of 400 cc or less (class 6B)
  • Cylinder Size of 125 cc or less (class 6C)
  • Moped or Motorized Scooter (class 6D)
  • Farm Tractor (class 8)

Sources: Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec ( SAAQ )

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