How to appeal from a judgment


What is an appeal?

When a person faces a conviction in penal law, an appeal is the process to challenge the decision of the judge who heard the caseThe notice of appeal must be given within 30 days of the conviction date. So it is important to contact us quickly so our lawyers perform the steps within this short period.

There are two ways to challenge a conviction or sentence. The notice of appeal may be based on an error of law by the judge who sat for this cause or when there has been a manifest error of fact.

In the appeal we must demonstrate to the judge that the decision is unreasonable.

How to appeal a decision of a judge?

An appeal is a complex proceeding and requires a lot of attention. Let the experts from Solution Ticket verify if the case can be appealed. Don’t hesitate to contact Solution Ticket when you think an unreasonable decision has been made by a judge.

The appeal period is very short, so do not waste time and call us now !

And if the appeal period of 30 days is exceeded?

If the deadline for the notice of appeal is not met, the decision will be final and the consequences will be imposed, unless an extension of time is granted youContact us for more information on the possibility of an extension of time if the 30-day period has expired.

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