Contest a Hit and Run (Penal)

Hit and Run (Penal)

(Articles 167 – 168 – 169 – 170 – 171 from Highway Safety Code)

What is a Hit and Run?

Under the law, a hit and run is the failure to stop, give his information or call the police after an accident. In cases where a person is injured or appears to need help, it will be an offense if you do not offer help. Also, if an animal over 25 kg, an unoccupied vehicle or inanimate object was struck, it is your duty to notify the owner or the police.

Penalties for a Hit and Run

If you are declared guilty of a hit and run, you could face:

    • A 600$ to 2000$ fine.
    • And 9 demerit points added to you driving record.

How to Contest a Hit and Run Ticket (Penal Court)?

Depending on the circonstances and well represented, fine and demerit points could be reduced. Let Solution Ticket Experts verify if the alledged infraction has valid or invalid ground.

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