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Got a Log Book ticket in Quebec:

  • Incorrectly filled daily log;
  • Not respecting the off duty time;
  •  Other daily log offences;

Daily log:
A driver must fill out a daily log listing all hours of driving, on-duty time other than
driving, and off-duty time. The starting time of the log is also the beginning of the day..

If the driver fills out a daily log, the following documents must be kept in the vehicle:
• a copy of the daily logs from the 14 previous days;
• the daily log for the current day, completed up to the time of the last change of
duty status;
• Documents related to the trip, for example, fuel receipts, bills of lading and
delivery receipts.


  • Art. 519.10 CSR
    The driver did not completed his daily log or registered all the information.
  • Art. 519.8.1 CSR
    The driver did not respected the hours of driving, on duty-time other than driving, and off duty-time.
  • Art. 519.21.1 CSR 
    The operator did not assured that the driver fill out his daily log
  • Art. 519.21.1 CSR
    The operator did not assured that the driver respects the hours of driving, on duty-time other than driving and off duty-time..

Note: These offenses may result an out-of-service order for a period of up to 72 hours
Art. 519.8.1 et 519.12 of Safty road code).

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