We help truckers or truck fleet owners (PEVL)!
We represent truckers in numerous criminal and criminal proceedings, including:

Infringements relating to the log book:

  • Poorly completed daily log;
  • Failure to respect rest hours;
  • Other offenses related to the log book;

Regulation respecting load and size standards applicable to road vehicles and combinations of road vehicles:

  • Load or excess mass;
  • Traffic prohibited for the dimensions of the load transported;
  • Non solid loading;
  • Prohibited area – prohibited traffic;
  • Dangerous goods;

Infringements relating to compulsory checks to be carried out on heavy goods vehicles:

  • Mechanical verification report;
  • Not equipped with two red position lights;
  • Faulty license plate lights;
  • Identification number absent;
  • Mudguards absent;
  • Tires with non-conforming anti-slip;

Offenses relating to regulations specific to truckers:

  • Excess load without special permit;
  • Heavy vehicle with minor defect;
  • Heavy vehicle not equipped with a lashing system;
  • Recirculation of a heavy vehicle without SAAQ approval;
  • Failure to mechanical check;
  • Speed ​​limiter not activated;
  • Exceeding the planned emission standards;
  • Lack of identification number;
  • Driving during a sanction;
  • Owner who lets a sanctioned trucker drive;
  • Driving on unauthorized tracks;
  • Obstruction of an intersection;

Offenses relating to the Highway Safety Code (Specific to heavy goods vehicle drivers and those applying to all classes of license):

  • Wearing a seat belt
  • Stop-Stop
  • Red light
  • Double line of demarcation
  • Defective red or yellow position lights
  • Hit and run
  • Dangerous driving
  • School bus
  • Security corridor
  • Driving cell
  • Speed ​​and GEV
  • etc.

Commission des transports du Québec for owner or operator of heavy vehicles:

If you are called by the Commission des transports du Québec to verify your behavior as an owner or operator of heavy vehicles or as a driver of heavy vehicles, we can help you.

Our lawyers specialized in the field will be able to offer you the preparation and necessary for the hearing before the Commission des transports du Québec.

They will also accompany you to make representations before the commissioner responsible for studying your file. This assistance from our lawyers will maximize your chances of maintaining a satisfactory security level and of maintaining your privilege of driving heavy vehicles.

We know these audiences are important because they allow you to practice your profession and keep your truckload.

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