How to contest a ticket for car surfing

(Article 434 from Highway Safety Code)

What is car surfing or couch surfing?

According to Highway Safety Code, car surfing is prohibited. An example of car surfing is when someone is hanging on a moving vehicle. Couch surfing on the other hand is when an object is pulled behind or pushed by a moving vehicle with someone on it.

As said in this SAAQ text, here are few examples of prohibited behavior:

  • Riding on a moving vehicle (on the roof, at the back, on the side, etc);
  • Riding in the box or cargo space of a truck or pick-up truck;
  • Holding onto or being pulled by a moving vehicle;
  • Riding in a sofa, on a skateboard, a sled or any other object hitched or tied to a moving vehicle.

What about the penalties ?

In case of car or couch surfing, all participants will receive penalties.

For the driver of the vehicle that tolerate his vehicle being used for car surfing

    • His vehicle is ceased right away for 7 days.
    • His licence is revoke immediately for a 7 days period.
      (30 days in case of a prior conviction in the last 10 years – see below)

If you are found guilty of such accusation, you could face:

    • a 1000$ fine.
    • 12 demerit points added to your driving record.

For the person caught surfing on the vehicle

      • An immediate suspension of his licence or the right to obtain one.

If found guilty:

    • Will have to also pay a 1000$ fine;
    • Will also have 12 demerit points added to his driving record.


When you are found guilty of a car surfing infraction, it will remain on your driving record for a period of 10 years. Meaning that if within this 10 year period, you are arrested for a second time, your car will be ceased and your licence will be suspended for 30 days right away.

Criminal Charges

In some circimstances, persons involved in car surfing may face criminal charges and get a life sentence in prison.

Possible Solutions

If you found yourself in such a situation, contact us and one of our attorney will be happy to help you with your case.

Depending on the circonstances and well represented, fine and demerit points could be reduced.

Let Solution Ticket Experts verify if the alledged infraction has valid or invalid ground.

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