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How to contest a ticket

Demerit Points


Our team of experts will analyse your ticket and see if there is any mistakes, which is often the case, and will have your can have your ticket cancelled.

I was found guilty, without having been able to defend myself in court! Is there anything we can do?
Yes, in some cases, we can apply for a revocation of judgment and if necessary a stay of execution of the demerit points that have been added to your driving record.

Please contact us and we will explain the procedure to follow.

In most cases, you have one month to contest the ticket. You can do it yourself or even more simply let us do it for you.

IMPORTANT: do not pay your ticket. This would be equivalent to pleading guilty and would greatly reduce your chances of contesting.

To simply and quickly contest your ticket follow the 3 easy steps on our home page.

About your record

In addition to being simple and fast, our service offers you the possibility of keeping you informed of recent developments in your file. Thanks to our tracking system available at all times.
To access your file, simply enter your Username and Password, provided during your registration in the “FILE FOLLOW-UP” section above right. You will then have access to your file and to the documentation specific to your case.

A minimum of 30 days after the court receives your plea of not guilty is required. If you have any questions about your notice of hearing, please contact us.


YES, we use the highest data encryption standards in the industry to store your personal data.

In addition, payment is made through the Moneris Solutions system or Paypal depending on your choice, which means that none of your credit information is processed through Solution Ticket.

At Moneris, you can choose to pay with your credit card.

PayPal and Moneris provide payment guarantee and security for its users.

YES, it is possible to pay by Interac or credit card at our offices in Laval as well as by interac transfer.

IMPORTANT: All legal acts and information given or performed are by our lawyers and are treated confidentially. Thank you

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