Dangerous Driving

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How to contest a ticket for dangerous driving

Dangerous driving

(Article 327 from Highway Safety Code )

What is Dangerous Driving?

According to Highway Safety Code, when a person engage in an action while in control of a vehicle and that action is dangerous for the security of person or property, she is commiting an infraction.

Many type of actions can lead to this accusation. Speeding alone could be enough to be accused in certain circumstances. It is also important to note that this infraction applies to private ground opened to public access, such as parking lots, shopping center, commerce etc. and also on logging roads.

What about the penalties?

If you are found guilty of such an infraction, you will :

    • Get a 1000$ to 3000$ fine.
    • Get 4 demerit points on your driver’s record.

Criminal Accusations

In some cases, persons implicated in a dangerous driving will face criminal charges with up to 14 years in prison. We can help you with either criminal or penal offences.

Possible Solutions

If you are in such a situation, please contact us and a lawyer will be able to help you out with your case.

Depending on the conditions and well represented, the fee and points could be reduced. Let Solution Ticket check the validity of the charges you are facing.

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