Restricted Licence Request

Restricted License Request

We can help you get a restricted license so you can keep working. In fact, there is also other circumstances where you could ask for a restriceted license other than work.

What You Need To Know To Obtain A Restricted License

The request to get a Restricted License is a mean to get a judge’s approval in order for SAAQ to deliver a Restricted License to an individual who has lost his license due to an accumulation of demerit points or impaired driving.

There are two types of restricted license :

    • The restricted license delivered upon an order from a judge of Cour du Québec to a driver who has lost his license or whom license has been suspended.
    • The restricted license delivered to person found guilty of impaired driving.

A learner’s license holder is not elligible for a restricted license

Restricted License related to an accumulation of demerit points
An individual whose probationary license has been suspended or driver’s license has been revoked as a result of a first-time accumulation of demerit points over a period of two years, may apply for a 3-month restricted license.

The holder of a restricted license is authorized to drive a motor vehicle only where driving is an essential aspect of the work that is his or her livelihood.

In both cases , we can help you get a Restricted License !

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